"FedFam4Life is not about raising a million dollars, it's about freeing a million women from the prison industrial complex. That includes the 219,000 that are incarcerated and the 1.2 million under the de facto imprisonment of parole or probation. I am #mysisterskeeper." — Tray Johns - Co-Founder/Executive Director, FedFam4life


FedFam4Life is a non-profit Sisterhood co-founded by Tray Johns, Executive Director and Foxxy Mason, President, both formerly incarcerated Black, Gay Veteran Women. The couple, who married in 2017, conceived FedFam4Life to address the urgent need for Black Female leadership in the social justice movement.

Tray Johns spent 8 years, 7 months and 19 days in federal prison for possession of less than $500 worth of drugs. While incarcerated, Johns became a skilled "Jailhouse Lawyer" and since being released, a prominent and fearless social justice activist and sought after public speaker at venues such as The Women's Marches in Hawaii and Boston, Vanderbilt University, Simmons College, City University of New York, New York University and Boston Public Schools. Fedfam has recently moved to South Florida and is helping to lead the efforts for Dignity for incarcerated women across the state.

Johns is The South Florida Criminal Justice Organizer for the New Florida Majority and is leading a series of Symposiums called ReformHER across the State of Florida that will bring the plight of incarcerated women to the forefront of the Crimnial Justice Reform converstaion.

While Foxxy leads #healingus an initiative using healing circles to create safe and affirming spaces for women in need of sisterhood and healing. Together with Monica James from Triumphant Together these circles are used to bring and hold communities together with hopes of transformational healing.


Special Thanks!

Co-Founders Tray Johns and Foxxy Johns gratefully acknowledge the Diller-von Furstenberg Family Foundation for its leadership support in providing initial funding for FedFam4Life.

FF4L team of Volunteer law students at CUNY

FF4L team of Volunteer law students at CUNY

#mysisterskeeper is FF4L's primary advocacy initiative, created to provide support for direct court actions brought by jailhouse lawyers and incarcerated women whom are eligible for clemency, sentence reduction, compassionate release and other considerations. 

Our critical case response teams include law students, paralegals and attorneys, as well as communications students and professionals to help raise public awareness. 

#mysisterskeeper is grounded in the principle that incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, directly impacted women and allies in justice reform are collectively responsible for the restoration of our sisters. FF4L also acts as a connector to re-entry resources and opportunities provides a lasting circle of support for women survivors of the system.

Dignity Day at the Capital, April 17, 2019

Dignity Day at the Capital, April 17, 2019

Women's National Advocacy Group (W-NAG) is the movement support initiative of FF4L, through which we mobilize community participation and awareness of issues and offer technical assistance to organizations and efforts such as the 2019 Dignity Day held in Tennessee in support of the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act and sponsored by #cut50.


FF4L Partners

"We will never stem mass incarceration in the United States without strong, creative minds able to frame tactical strategy. Tray Johns has those qualities as well as the energy and passion to tackle this monster on multiple fronts." -- Amy Povah, Founder, Can-Do Clemency

FF4L partner organizations include Can-Do Clemency. The LOHM, Hope House NYC, Triumphant Together, City University of New York Law School, New Florida Majority, Smile Trust and Operation Restoration.


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FF4L leads in taking direct action through case assistance and advocacy to free our sisters from incarceration in the federal system where there are currently approximately 12,000 women imprisoned.

Your support helps us to assemble our response teams and bring awareness to certain cases. You supports helps us let our Sisters know they are not alone, to get their cases heard and reviewed.

There is life to be lived, justly, deservedly, outside of those prison walls and bars. Help us free our Sisters by clicking on the donate button below.