Critical Cases

FedFam4Life  works with women in the federal prison system whose cases have a range of qualifications for assistance. We help Jailhouse Lawyers and incarcerated women acting on their own behalf to understand and leverage laws and factors that can potentially lead to clemency, sentence reduction, retroactivity in sentencing guidelines, compassionate release or transfer to a facility closer to their home and family.

Additionally, we advocate for women being denied their approved release to a halfway house due to the scarcity of beds when they have another  place to go and a viable transition plan.


Tynice Hall

Tynice Hall was 22 years old when she was sentenced to 35 years in federal prison while her 40+ boyfriend, a drug kingpin was given 27 years. This is largely a case of guilt by proximity. She has served 13 years and stands to benefit from the Dimaya Law that was recently decided by the United States Supreme Court and offers reductions to women whose sentences were enhanced. Many of the guidelines in the new ruling are retroactive and we intend to press hard to win freedom for Tynice Hall.  Go to the link below to support Tynice and sign her petition.